It is difficult to talk about oneself, for me it is complicated, I was born in a small village in the north of Spain, from a very young age photography and art have always attracted me, I believed seeing and reading works by great artists, Cartier-Bresson, Adams, magnificent impressionist painters, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir.
I suppose that my lack of skill with painting is what has led me to do my work as I present it today, careful editions of my photographs, where I want the viewer to interact with them. 
I always start with my own images and usually combine two or three images. The majority included people because I consider the human being to be a fundamental part of the environment in which we live.
My creative editions are the fruit of what goes through my mind, I like to define myself as a "dream hunter", just as with photography you stop time, that moment is saved forever, I try to transmit what goes through my mind and capture it , "hunt that dream or illusion" forever.
Until the end of 2017 I did not share my work, there came a time when I decided to share my work online I have participated (and participate) in several galleries frequently since early 2018.
My work has been rewarded already in the first year to be selected by the online gallery PHOTOGRAPHIZE as one of its "Featured Artist".​​​​​​​
Also with the publication in his art magazines with assiduity and in other art and photography magazines like "Shades of Grey" or "EYE Photomagazine".
I am currently being invited to participate in several international exhibitions.

- April 17th to April 27th,  ArtExpertise "VISIONARY EXHIBITION 2019"
- April 29th to May 6th, ArtExpertise "AUTOGRAPHI EXHIBITION 2019"
- May 20th to May 29th 2019, ArtExpertise "WUNDERKAMMER EXHIBITION 2019"
- June 6th to June 9th, "SUBLIMATIONS Milan 2019", Fondazione Luciana Matalon
- July 23rd to July 28th, "SUBLIMATIONS ARLES 2019",  Galerie des Arene, Arles, France
- July 17th to August 31th  ArtExpertise "SHOW ROOM 2019" 
- September 26th to October 4th, "Exhibition The Game", Loosen Art Gallery, Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome

XXXII Certamen Fotgrafico y de Pintura "Jose Antonio Sequi", Tarancon 2019, absolute winner in category Photography with my three works "Looking Fog in rain" , "The Farmer and old Olive"  and "Way of freedom"
Hotshoes  Landscape Photographer of the year 2018 ….."Storm Coming"
- ND Awards 2018 Honorable Mention Conceptual Category….."Deja vu"
- ND Monocrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention  Conceptual Category ….."The Network"
- ND Monocrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention  Conceptual Category….."Birds and Night"
- ND Monocrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention  Fine Art Category….."Unther the rain..."


- Interview and 30 page special in the magazine "Shades of Grey Magazine" issue 19
 - EYE-PHOTO MAGAZINE, ISSUE #12 DECEMBER 2018 ("The first spring sun" B&W version)
- Shades of Grey Magazine N°17 ("The Last lamp")


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